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Fashion Week Florals

Selena/ L'oreal

March is always a busy month at Tribal Rose but this March was a whirlwind of  weddings and events  including this glamorous media launch for L’Oreal Fashion Week at Vue de Monde.

L'Oreal L'Oreal small

These  lavish arrangements of white flowers which included hydrangea, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and swathes of white phalaenopsis orchids, provided a glorious backdrop for hosts Eva Longoria and Megan Gale to launch The Fashion festival.

L'Oreal detail L'oreal

You can see some gorgeous pics of the night on Beautyholics Anonymous blog.



Spring Racing Window… or Tribal Rosie part 2

Tribal rosie 2

With a pair of fine ears attached and a vibrant floral coat, Tribal Rosie was ready to grace the Smith St window, proudly  garlanded by an ivy leaf horseshoe.Tribal Rosie

tribal rosie 3This pretty filly is our odds on favourite for the 2013 Spring Cup Carnival!

Jumpin’ Jonquils!


Just when the winter  cold gets bitter, along come  jonquils with their sunny colours and sweet, sweet perfume. The perfect cure for a cold…………Day.



Jonquils are in season for about 6 weeks so if you’re in Smith St, drop in to Tribal Rose and buy yourself a bunch of goodness.

Pretty in Purple

purple bouquet 1

Violet, mauve, cerise, lilac, and red shades are blended to create purple perfection. A bold colour choice for a bride who wanted to avoid the obvious whites and pastels.

purple bouquet 2

purple bouquet 3


Dahlias, orchids, calla lilies, roses, chrysanthemum and hypericum berries in a rich, harmonious blend.

Welcome to our new blog!

Spring is in full flight  at Tribal Rose……..The Spring racing season has begun and that means Lily of the Valley is here!

This pretty, sweetly fragranced delight has a heartbreakingly short season so get it while you can……….Otherwise you’ll have to wait a  whole year for another chance.

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