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Hydrangea ER

hydrangea emergency


Has this ever happened to you?

Hydrangeas are thirsty and temperamental flowers and they will sometimes soften and wilt after a short time, seemingly  for  no reason. They’re usually dehydrated and there is something you can do……… As soon as you notice any softening or wilting of the petals, fill a sink bath or large bucket with fresh cold water…..



hydrangea care 2


Next, turn the hydrangeas upside down and plunge the heads into the water, immersing them completely , if  you’re using a bath immerse the stems as well…………



hydrangea care 3



hydrangea care


You will need to leave the heads submerged for at least an hour … longer if you can.




hydrangea care 4


After an hour or two or three,  pull the flowers out of the bucket and gently shake off the water……. Next, trim the stems, you should take off at least 4cm,  more if you can, and then they should be ready to go back into a vase filled with cold  fresh water.




hydrangea care


This luscious bunch is the same sad specimen from the first image……..A truly Lazarus like transformation.


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