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Sweet November

November in Melbourne is the official start of the (all too short)  peony season and so it was only fitting that 1st of November Bride Audrey, should carry glorious white peonies in her bouquet. With white sweet peas, Queen Anne’s lace, nigela and  the first of the season’s David Austin roses it was a soft, sweet smelling delight.

peony bouquet

bridesmaid bouquetFor the bridesmaids we added  dusty pink garden roses, rice flower and hypericum berries for a sweetly Spring feel.

bouquet detail


This is the reason that so many brides plan their weddings for this time of the year.

Peony fans, your time starts now!

People ask us all year, when are peonies in season? The answer is November.

You will find them onto either side of November……….but if you want to be sure, this is the time.

When you see such spectacular blooms as these coral peonies you can understand why they are so eagerly awaited each year.

We have them in stock right now.

Saturday Market

Saturday market is always a big one and in spring there is an incredible array of flowers on offer………

The first of the peonies have arrived, along with lilac, snowball and foxglove……

Spring natives like waratah, boronia and kangaroo paw are at their dramatic best……

And  don’t forget the orchids,  from phalaenopsis to dancing ladies to cymbidium we’ve got them coming out of our……vases.

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