How to Care for Peonies

Sometimes people complain that peonies don’t last or don’t open properly so here is a tip to help extend the life of your precious peonies. First you need to boil the kettle , you will also need a glass, pair of secateurs  (or scissors) and a clean vase with fresh water in it.



Take off any foliage that will be under water… This helps keep the water clean.


When the kettle has boiled pour about 4 cm of hot  water into the glass. next cut all the peony stems on a sharp angle…….


Straight away, plunge those stems onto the hot water for about 20 seconds.


Then into the clean cold water waiting in your vase……..


The last step is to enjoy your peonies for about 7 days.

This scalding tip works equally well with poppies, hellebores, hydrangea and gerberas.


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