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Floral Emergency!



We received a frantic call at 3pm from a desperate client who had forgotten to order 10 table settings for 6pm…..Not sure how that slipped her mind, but pas de problème, our talented team swung into action.



It helped that there are loads of gorgeous spring flowers available ,water lilies, peonies at the perfect stage of opening, kalmia, hydrangea and roses all in the softest shades of pink and white.






Within 30 minutes we had 10 perfect posies……….



And by 4 pm they were delivered and set up ready to be admired by an unsuspecting public.



Another beautiful Tribal Rose solution to a frantic floral dilemma .

Simply Pretty


This lovely wedding set up was at Abbotsford Convent at the weekend…..


A pretty mix of seasonal flowers in a collection of different sized jars.


Peonies, garden roses, canterbury bells, rice flower and hydrangea in soft gelato colours.

November Wedding Bouquet


If you were getting married in November of course you would choose peonies, hydrangeas and David Austin roses……….


Some brides plan to have their wedding in November for the peonies alone!


How could you resist that pure white with the faintest raspberry blush……..I can’t. And the fragrance of the white David Austin rose is surely one of  life’s great pleasures. Everyone who walked into the shop in Fitzroy  today commented on the incredible sweet aroma.


Formal Flowers


Formal occasions call for formal flowers………….


Buttonholes for the boys and wrist corsages for the girls.

Each corsage is like a piece of bespoke jewellery, hand crafted especially for you.




How to Care for Peonies

Sometimes people complain that peonies don’t last or don’t open properly so here is a tip to help extend the life of your precious peonies. First you need to boil the kettle , you will also need a glass, pair of secateurs  (or scissors) and a clean vase with fresh water in it.



Take off any foliage that will be under water… This helps keep the water clean.


When the kettle has boiled pour about 4 cm of hot  water into the glass. next cut all the peony stems on a sharp angle…….


Straight away, plunge those stems onto the hot water for about 20 seconds.


Then into the clean cold water waiting in your vase……..


The last step is to enjoy your peonies for about 7 days.

This scalding tip works equally well with poppies, hellebores, hydrangea and gerberas.



This beautiful white dogwood arrived  at Tribal Rose with Saturday’s market.


Although its season is Spring,  Dogwood comes and goes making it very tricky to order….


With Dogwood, as with most blossoms it’s a case of get some when you see it, because you may not get another chance this season. The savvy flower lovers in Smith St certainly  snapped it up quick sticks…. It was all gone by the end of the day!

A Crowning Glory

Melbourne Cup week is always a busy time at Tribal Rose and we are asked to make a variety of  fresh flower hair pieces, but  each year there is always a standout…. And this is it.

Helena was asked to make a  beautiful, chunky circlet of spring flowers for a lovely young lady to wear at Stakes Day.

Combining luscious pink roses with campanula, delphinium, freesia and scented  geranium, she created a crown fit for the May Queen.

ET Viola!  Beautifully modelled by our newest T rose recruit Sacha.

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